• Scandibake Bakers Blade - 5 per Pack

    Lames Professionnelles - Original 100% Hygiene Scoring Tool - Made in France

    • Bakers Blade Lame
    • Disposable Professional Bakers green Scoring Tool
    • Pack of 5
  • Scandibake Bakers Couche

    Linen Proofing Cloth For Baguettes and Breads

    • Professional proofing couche for making perfect baguettes and Breads
    • Made of 100% natural flax linen - Untreated & Unbleached
    • Bakers Linen Cloth / Baking Couche
    • 120 x 70 cm - Finished seam on all four edges to prevent fraying
    • Leinenkorb für Baguette und Brote
  • Scandibake Bakers Board

    High Quality Wooden Baguette Flipping Board, 60cm Planche à couche, rammase-Pain, Planchette

    • For moving baguette dough without damaging the shape
    • High quality beech wood
    • Perfect for easy baguette handling
    • Made in Europe
    • Size : 600 x 100cm
    • weight 0.173kg
  • Truffly Made Confectionery Depositor

    Candy making machine - Dosing all the liquids up to 160 degrees Celsius - Made in Germany

    • The machine has a large heated hopper and easily adjustable shot size control
    • The six nozzles have adjustable centerlines to accommodate various mold configurations
    • Nozzles are removable to accommodate molds with less cavities. Additional nozzles are available
    • The external, removable heaters provide heat to help chocolate, caramel or gummy products maintain temperature to flow properly
    • Made in Germany
  • Compact Candy Depositor

    Gummy, Chocolate, Edibles & Hard Candy making machine - Dosing all the liquids up to 160 degrees Celsius - Made in Germany

    • Quality candy depositor
    • Works well with liquids up to 160 degrees Celcius
    • Makes gummies, chocolate, truffles and hard candy
    • Fast and easy to use
    • Made in Germany
  • Scandibake 40 Liter Ingredient Bin Storage Set with 3 Large 40 Liter Ingredient Bins with lids

    • Three 40 liter Ingredient Storage Bins
    • 52 x 40 x 7.5 cm stackable containers with easy access professional grade food storage bins
    • Rounded sides and corners for easy cleaning
    • Store your ingredients and flour or other bulk materials
    • These universal container bins can be used to store a variety of bakers products & recyclables